The added value of financial advisors

Recent Vanguard research¹ shows that your advisor not only adds peace of mind, but also may add about 3 percentage points of value in net portfolio returns over time.

  • What does this mean? Your advisor has the ability and the time to evaluate your portfolio investments, meet with you to discuss objectives, and help get you through tough markets. All of these factored together potentially add value to your net returns (returns after taxes and fees) over time.
  • With portfolio construction, your advisor can work with you to create a diversified portfolio, while ensuring you don’t pay too much for investments or in taxes on investment returns.
  • Wealth management entails making regular changes to your portfolio to help reduce risk, and when you’re ready to withdraw, you can do it in such a way to help limit the taxes you’ll pay.

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1 Source: Francis M. Kinniry Jr., Colleen M. Jaconetti, Michael A. DiJoseph, and Yan Zilbering, 2014. Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha. Valley Forge, Pa.: The Vanguard Group.